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My aim with these shelves was to transform a mundane material into a decorative object. I gained inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of origami, which takes something as cheap and simple as paper and changes it into a beautiful piece of art. With this piece I  have created a similar transformation with chipboard.

I have designed a set of bowls that combine both Western and Japanese eating habits. Japanese dinnerware is small and personal, everyone has their own little plates and bowls, creating a very busy and colourful dining experience. Western meals are more focused around one main dish, and an individual plate. I aimed to combine these experiences, bringing together the individual qualities of each tradition.

Organic plant pots inspired by the beautiful and strong sea. Made out of coconut husks and textured with salt.

A five piece luxury breakfast collection designed to embrace efficiency, 
The set is focused on tailoring a product to perform to the best of its intended abilities.

Taking inspiration from Georgian and Victorian breakfast, British Breakfast brings
 back the leisurely act of enjoying breakfast with a new contemporary twist.

Crafted out of brushed stainless steel.


A bold curve, designed to serve

six pieces of thick toast. 


Slotted Teaspoon Set 

Designed to effortlessly drain and save

a teabag. The spoon props up on the

edge of its rest creating a harmonious

balance between the forms. 

Egg Cup

Gracefully supports a medium

sized egg. 

Condiment Dish 

Simply a larger version of its sister

the Egg Cup. Assembled out of two

mirroring structures. 

Clean embossed packaging 

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